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My Grandma’s Quilt – Quaker Town Crossing

Quaker Town Crossing - queen size

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

Madison County, Iowa (Image via Wikipedia)

I know this is veering off the subject of food a bit, but here’s the deal. I was doing a Google search for a quilt pattern called Quaker Town Crossing. My daughter is getting married in May! and I want to piece this quilt top and have it machine quilted for her. (At this point I’m hoping she doesn’t read my blog anymore). I found this photo on a website called Webshots by American Greetings… made by member Diandre5.

What’s the point, you ask? Why is it “Grandma’s Quilt?” Here’s the story. Many years ago, in 1996, I started up a little quilting group and asked Marianne Fons to come speak. I live in Earlham, in Madison County, Iowa and so does Marianne. In fact, they have a fantastic quilt shop in Winterset… not sure what it’s named, even though I go to Winterset pretty often. But, Marianne is half of the team Fons and Porter, so if you go to the southwest side of the square in Winterset and look for that name, you’ll probably find the shop!

But I digress. When we were cleaning out my foster mother/Grandmother, Alta Rorah’s home, we found several quilt tops. This was among them. I showed the quilt top to Marianne, who was very interested because she had never seen the pattern before. She did some research and couldn’t find the pattern anywhere. SO, she re-drafted the pattern, and featured it in her then-new quilting magazine, Sew Many Quilts (May, 1996 issue). My grandma, and her quilt, are immortalized. What better wedding gift to give my daughter?

If any readers have made this quilt, I would love to see their results!

The ‘Terrible 10’: The Worst Aspects Of America’s Food Scene

Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa, after ...

Image via Wikipedia

The ‘Terrible 10’: The Worst Aspects Of America’s Food Scene.

Interesting article. Although it might not be politically correct of me, I have to point out that Jack DeCoster’s egg farms are on this list. He has been a thorn in the side of Iowa for years.

The Great Depression – Color Photos

Recently the Library of Congress released 1600 color photographs of the era spanning the 1930s and 1940s. Included in these photographs are many photos of the Great Depression, with a focus on rural areas. The collection culminates in the 1940s, showing how the United States and its people mobilized to support the war effort

This photo is my favorite out of the collection. Partly because it is food-related, but partly because *I* can relate to it. In my mind, if the prices were changed, this could be a rural grocery store in Somewhere, America. Why are these photos, this post, relevant to Chef Herman’s adventures? Because… part of my blog’s mission is to educate about our food and where it comes from. So many people are disconnected from the source of our food. I feel that looking back at these photos shows an America where more people had more input into the food system, and indeed, local foods were the norm, not a new movement.

Let me know what you think, both of this photo or the entire collection!

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