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No more naked salads!!

I just received a package of (free!) food products to review, from the generous people at Mrs. Cubbison’s!  To receive this package I had to enter a comment in the No more Naked Salads giveaway at Foodie Blogroll. Included in my package were:

Mrs. Cubbison’s Restaurant Style Croutons, Mrs. Cubbison’s Classic Seasoned Dressing (stuffing),  Mrs. Cubbison’s Old Fashioned Meatloaf Mix, Casa Fiesta All Natural Taco Shells, Sunsweet Pitted Prunes, Morehouse Pure Prepared Mustard, Volk Enterprises’ Pop Up Disposable Cooking Thermometer AND a cookbook! Recipes of the Stars!

Note: In Iowa, you should be able to find Mrs. Cubbison’s products at the Fareway or Hy-Vee. You can also purchase directly from them at under Market Place which list all products and prices.

I’ll be reviewing the products here at Chef Herman’s. I’ve already reviewed one, and it probably isn’t what you would think I would pick first!

I decided to review Morehouse mustard first, because I’ve been kind of mourning summer and the very first thing I thought of when I saw the mustard was… hot dogs! Now I realize that admitting I like hot dogs is somewhat like Julia Child admitting that she craves fried Spam sandwiches. I decided to take the risk. I don’t have a recipe because let’s face it, I took the redneck way out (hey! I live in Iowa!) and fried my hotdogs in a skillet. My only concession to Julia was that I did fry the hotdogs in a nice, French Mauviel copper frying pan!

I put my hot dog in a nice fresh hot dog bun… topped wit with mustard and ate it! I have to admit, I went into this endeavor thinking, “Mustard is mustard.” But I did notice that Morehouse has a nice mustard-y flavor without the tanginess that I find in some mustards.

But. I have to go now. I have a 3-year-old boy who smells the hot dog scent in the air, and wants one… like five minutes ago!


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