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Red Velvet Cupcake Art!

The amazing Lisa Orgler has done it again! As a part of her cupcakes poster project she called for submissions of … cupcakes! My Secret Red Velvet Cupcakes were among 16 chosen and will be included on the poster! Yay me!

Please go visit Lisa’s website and take a look at all of her beautiful food art.  Thanks for your continued support of Chef Herman’s Food, Lisa!

Lunchbox Project

Thank you, thank you! to Lisa Orgler at the Lunchbox Project for the awesome job she did on my new banner and avatar for Chef Herman’s Food Adventures! Go take a look at her great work at

The Lunchbox Project

“Snacking on food art.” That’s’ the tagline for Lisa Orgler’s innovative contribution to the art of food. I was lucky enough to have my blog chosen by Lisa to make a drawing/painting, and she drew the cutest picture of my somewhat famous chocolate chip cookies!

Somewhat Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, as drawn by Lisa Orgler

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