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Guest Post – Lisa Orgler!

I am VERY excited to have Lisa Orgler as a guest blogger today! Lisa and I  first became acquainted through Foodbuzz, a website of and for food bloggers. I saw her work and contacted her about designing a banner for my Chef Herman blog. To say that I was pleased with the results is really an understatement. It’s awesome to watch an idea come to life.

My marketing director (my daughter, @njobst on Twitter) told me that it would be a good idea to have occasional guest bloggers. Nicole was the first with her Food Detox post. And since I truly love Lisa’s work (go vote for her at Foodbuzz’ Project Food Blog!) I decided that she should be the first official (non-nepotism) guest blogger! Enjoy her post, her beautiful illustrations and visit her website. It’s a visual treat!

Lisa Orgler
The Lunch Box Project

Top Ten things I like about food
In 2009 I set a goal to draw one food image a day for one year.  I accomplished that feat and today still enjoy whipping up a meal with pen and paintbrush in hand. I’m surprised that boredom hasn’t seeped into my food art world…since I typically want to move onto new subjects after several months. So I asked myself why I love food.

1. It’s fun to draw
Talk about having a source of inspiration daily!  Hmmm, have I ever gone a whole day without eating?  If I’m going to paint every day, why not pick a topic that requires no search?

2. Every food has a story
Every food has its own history and folklore, plus we have our own personal history with certain foods.

3. It’s challenging (at least for me)
I can’t cook (there I said it), at least not very well.  Because I don’t know very much about cooking and baking, I’m quite intrigued with it…and continually want to learn more and more.

4. It’s also simple
Food can be challenging, but thank goodness for me, it’s also simple.  I can enjoy a simple apple, a bowl of chocolate ice cream or just corn-on-the-cob.

5. Everyone has a favorite
Foods are up there with colors…everyone has a favorite.

6. It can be accompanied by pretty things
Food is neat in itself, but it’s even better when paired with your favorite dishes, tablecloth, and napkins.

7. Everyone puts a different spin on it
Whether you are traveling regionally, nationally, or internationally everyone combines and prepares foods differently.  Think of all the different ways you can enjoy a simple tomato.

8. Special events and food go hand in hand
Have you ever heard of a birthday party without a cake or Thanksgiving without a turkey?

9. The same flavor can come in multiple forms
If you love blueberries you can also enjoy blueberry pie, blueberry ice cream, blueberry yogurt, and blueberry pancakes.

10. It makes me happy (most of the time)
I love food and am especially happy after a good meal. If I overeat I want to curse it, but that doesn’t overshadow the mostly happy times.  Quite honestly, it’s my love of food that drove me to overeat in the first place.

Blue Cheese Pear Crostini

Recently I was solicited by to create a unique recipe using Nature’s Pride bread. The nice people at Nature’s Pride even sent me a coupon for a free loaf of bread, just so I could create a tasty tidbit. If I happen to be one of six lucky entries selected, I will be one of Nature’s Pride bread ambassadors at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco, CA!

I thought about ideas for a few weeks, and thought I had settled on mini quiches using bread as the crust. However, I couldn’t get past the thought that bread would make for a soggy quiche crust. Finally, I remembered a crostini I had several years ago at a now-defunct local delight called Younkers Tea Room. At least I think that’s where I had it! I put my own spin on the recipe, and here’s the result.

Ingredients –

4 oz. crumbled blue cheese (being a loyal Iowan, I used Maytag)
2 T. unsalted butter
2 T brandy (being a loyal German, I used Asbach Uralt)
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
5 slices Nature’s Pride 12-Grain bread, cut into thirds
1 medium ripe pear, cored and thinly sliced

Let blue cheese and butter come to room temperature. Mash with a fork until well combined.

Stir in brandy and chopped walnuts. Top each pear slice with 1 tablespoon blue cheese mixture.

Place bread slices on a baking sheet. Broil 5-6 inches from heat, about 2 minutes or until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve hot. Makes 8 to 12 servings.

Note – Don’t forget to put the walnuts on because somebody called you while you were in the middle of putting the toppings on the crostini. They were still good, but would be even better with the walnuts!

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