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Okay, not really. But after a deluge of complaints about the crackly rattling bags, Frito-Lay is changing the packaging on all but the original flavor SunChips. Good. Great, in fact!

The annoyingly loud biodegradable bags have been on the stands for 18 monthes now. And I do have to admit, I’ve purchased SunChips anyway. I griped every time I ate them, but I did purchase and eat them.

According to Frito-Lay, the bags are louder than traditional bags because the material used for them is made from plants and has a different molecular structure. I hate to be bellicose, but I’ve never heard a plant, ever, make that kind of noise. Yes, I know it’s molecular structure… but still. They could have used corn husks as packaging and it would have been quieter.

But. Even as I write this I realize, I have to stop complaining about it. I’m just glad that enough people did complain, and actually made Corporate America listen.


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  1. NicHole said:

    This actually upset me a lot. Are Americans really that spoiled and snobby that they are going to complain about a loud bag that does this smoggy world a little bit of good? Yes, instead lets fill the land mines with more packaging – which is a lot of our land-fill waste. Food (which could and should be composted) and product packaging. Next time you eat “out” at McDonalds pay attention to how much waste that one meal produced.

    I’m disappointed, America.

  2. Erika said:

    I agree, do people eat so many chips that the noise from the opening bag actually causes them to stop purchasing that product? Here’s a thought, America: eat WHOLE, NATURAL foods and stop gorging your face with chips. I was actually proud of Sun Chips when they started making these biodegradable bags, because if you are going to eat a terrible processed food, at least you are choosing a product that has a less harmful impact on the environment than other chip bags.

  3. I can’t believe their not making the bag anymore! I won’t miss the sound, but we put them in our compost and it is doing splendidly. It sucks that we have choose between being green and being functional and convenient so often. Poop.

  4. I complain about everything ALL THE TIME. I highly recommend it.

  5. Stephanie said:

    I guess my point was/is… I’m not necessarily glad that SunChips did away with biodegradable bags. I’m glad that they actually listened to their customers. I’m somewhat tired of the “we know what’s best for you” mentality. Surely they can find a way to make a biodegradable bag that doesn’t sound like a jet airliner taking off? 🙂

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