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I’m as excited about the start of September as Roy is about his big fish!

Recently, my kids went trout fishing with their dad. As you can see, Dad caught a BIG trout! I talked the kids into giving me one… so I could blog about it, of course! I browsed the web for trout recipes, and finally settled on a simple technique.

Ingredients –
1 trout (or more, if you’ve had a lucky day!)
fresh dill
1 lemon

Open up your trout. Hopefully someone else has cleaned it for you, like mine. Put in two or three lemon slices, and a handful of fresh dill. Heat up a cast iron grill pan, then put your fish into the grill pan. Turn fish after approx. 3-4 minutes.

If you feel the fish isn’t done after being in the grill pan on both sides, set your oven for 350 degrees and put the grill pan, with fish in it, into the oven. Let bake until done, approx. 15 minutes.


Comments on: "It’s September – Hallelujah!" (1)

  1. NicHole said:

    I like to just put lots of Mr. Dash and LOTS LOTS of butter on my trout. Then, put it in what we call a tin foil teepee and bake for about a half an hour.

    Ryan’s dad likes to soak salmon (another fish, I know) in a soy sauce-like recipe before he grills it.

    Also, it’s quite easy to clean a fish but very hard to write how to do it. If anyone wants to know how you can as me! I bet there’s an instructional video on Youtube.

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