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Yes. Let’s take the amazing pizza dough recipe as an example.

You must let the dough go through the first rising (proof). Punch down the dough, use half for a large pizza and freeze the other half! I usually don’t freeze it for a long period of time, so I wrap securely in Saran Wrap (I use two separate pieces of wrap, and wrap it tight!).

To use, take out of the freezer and let it thaw/come to room temperature. Then, you must let it rise again… shape it into a large pizza or two mediums… throw on your favorite sauce and toppings and bake!


Comments on: "Can you freeze pizza dough?" (1)

  1. I didn’t realize that the dough should be punched down first, explains why I don’t have success when I have frozen the dough and then tried to use it at a later time. Thanks

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